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About Chex Quest
Hints, Tips, and Cheats

April 2002

April 12, 2002: I have added the Chex Quest end movie to the downloads section. I have also added some hints and stats. If any of you have new poll ideas, please email them to me. I am sorta moving on to other things besides this site. I will still moderate the chatroom and message board but the rest of the site may not be updated much. I still have some occasional updates planned. I will still take emails and wishlist ideas too. As long you do not give me big hate mail. So for now, this site is slowing down. The good news is that this site is not dead! My next update might be around next month. As for the new CQ game, it seems to be on hold. I will let you know of any new CQ games. Check out are message board for more info.