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About Chex Quest
Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Welcome to Chex Quest Mania, the place to download Chex Quest stuff, and get  info such as cheats.

December 05, 2004: It has been found that the so-caled fan made Chex Quest 3 contains almost nothing but levels, graphics, and sounds that were taken from a mod made for a different game. Because of the possible legal issues involving this, I have removed Chex Quest 3 related material from this site.

August 8th 2004: Nothing is really happening on this site any more.  There are no longer any major updates to this site.  Feel free to check out what is here though.  After you do, be sure to check out Chex Quest Central for the latest info. 

Note: The downloads appear to be in working order now and CQ 2 should run now.  If there are any more problems let me know.


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