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About Chex Quest
Hints, Tips, and Cheats

January 2002

January 27, 2002:  If you have not heard Chex Quest 4 has been released click here to get it! Be sure to join us Feburary 17, at  6:30 PM EST for a chat with the CQ4 creator Tyler Wright. Also, I added a cheat to the Hints, Tips, and Cheats section. This lets you change the music in Chex Quest 1, 2, and 3. There is also a Links page! More things will come soon hopefully. I have decided to change the music on the front page ever week or so.

January 7, 2002: Welcome to the new year! Just so you know, I fixed some problems with the downloads. If you have anything you would like for the site email me at I need some new ideas for the site so be sure to give me your thoughts. Check out the latest happenings at the forums.