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About Chex Quest
Hints, Tips, and Cheats

October 2001

10-10-2001: I have fixed the problems with the Chex Quest 1 downloads, now you will not have anymore problems .ar files.

10-09-2001: I have added some cool Chex Quest music in the background of some of my pages. What do think of it? For those of you who wanted more updates, you got it. If you have trouble downloading Chex Quest 3, wait awhile and try downloading again. 

10-07-2001: I have fixed the problems with Chex Quest 3, so be sure to check out the downloads section. I have also added the September 2001 news archive.

10-06-2001: I am having problems hosting Chex Quest 3. Hold on, I will try to fix it soon.

10-01-2001: And now the moment you have all been waiting for, my surprise! This may not be a big deal to some of you but now you can download an old beta version of a fan made Chex Quest game. It's called Chex Quest 3. The people who made it are no longer in business, as far as I know so I can post it. Just go to the downloads section to download it. I have also changed my navigation bar.