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September 2001

9-22-2001: I am planning on having a huge surprise for you all on October 1st. I am also considering putting on a chat room but nobody is posting in the forums so I am not sure if anybody will chat. Anyway be sure to check back October 1st for a surprise. 

9-21-2001: Hey everybody, notice anything different about the site? That's right I fixed the pictures a few days ago. Also just today I removed the dark blue-green around my pictures. By the way, will somebody start a conversation on my forum? I am the only one who has posted. Thanks for visiting my site and check back in the future for more updates.

9-01-2001: The Statistics section is currently on hold. Also, I may not be updating much for a great while but I am thinking about redesigning my site to look better (like getting rid of the dark green-blue around some of my pictures). Just remember, even if I do not update in years (which I do not think will happen), does not mean I have shut down.

9-01-2001: I added the archive section, which has the news and poll archives. I have also added a new poll.