About Chex Quest
Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Chex Quest is a promotional game created by Ralston Foods inc. Back in 1996-1997 they put Chex Quest in cereal boxes. The goal is
to rescue citizens of the planet bazoik who has been captured by the flemoids,
 which are slime monsters  from another dimension that cannot be killed.
The only way to get rid of them is to zorch them back to their own dimension
by using your zorchers. After you beat all five levels it tells you to go to
www.chexquest.com  to get the next mission. The Chex Quest website is no
longer available so  now you can get both games from right here
at this web site. Just go to the downloads section and get the games
(if you have not already done so), good luck! -Chex Warrior