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This is great info for CQ 1-2!


Here are the different types of flemoids:

Flemoidus Commonus: These are the most common of the flemoids.
They will try to slime you with their nose, so watch out!


 Flemoidus Bipedicus: You will have to be more careful with these flemoids,
they will throw slime from thier nose AND their arms. Some of them will wear armor,
making them even harder to zorch.

Flemoidus Quadrumpus: Same as the Flemoidus Bipedicus with armor (BWA), 
but with a different look.

Flemoidus Cycloptis: These floating armored flemoids are tough,
don't let them get to close or they'll really slime you!

Flemoidus Larva: Same as cycloptis but doesn't float.


The flembrane: There are rumors that deep down in the caverns lurks
this massive, living wall of flemoidus slime. To rescue the citizens in Chex Quest 1, 
you may have to zorch this flemoid back to his own dimension as well.

Flemoidus Maximus: This immoveable lump of flemoidus slime is the toughest
flemoid known to chex intelligence. It throws slime balls as big as your head
and is very hard to zorch.


Here is how various powerups benefit the player.


glass of water: + + 100%
bowl of Fruit: + 10%
supercharge breakfast: + + 100%


slime repellent can: + + + 1%
Chex Armor: = 100%
Super Chex Armor: = 200%

 + : Increments, up to 100 % = : Sets to this value if current  is less, otherwise no change
++ : Increments, up to 199 % +++: Increments, even over 200 %

What command line parameters exist? Note: The following may not be perfectly accurate.  Please email me with any corrections.


To use most of these parameters, go to dos and start CQ  by typing:

"chex -devparm <parameter> <more parameters>". If the "-devparm" parameter

is not needed, the parameter will be marked with a plus (+). Most of these

parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. Lastly,

typing F1 during development mode will allow a 256 color screen capture in

PCX format.

@<filename> Used to read in a command line parm file

-avg Ends the game after 20 minutes

-comdev Internal development, texture mapping

-config <file name> + Reads an alternate configuration file

-debugfile <parameter> Dumps debugging info to debug<parm>.txt

-devparm Puts you in developers mode

-GUS Uses the original GUS instrument mapping

-GUS1 Uses the new GUS instrument mapping (default)

-fast +++ Super slimy mode without flemoids coming back

-file <name w/ .WAD> + Allows usage of an external PWAD file

-loadgame <game number> + Starts from a saved game (0-5)

-maxdemo + Specifies the maximum size of a LMP recording

-nojoy Does not use the joystick

-nomonsters + +++ Starts the game without flemoids

-nomouse Does not use the mouse

-nomusic Does not play background music

-nosfx No sound effects

-nosound No sound at all

-opl3 Enables the stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16

-phase Enables phase shifting on PAS16

-playdemo <name w/o .LMP> #+ Plays back a recorded demo

-record <name w/o .LMP> + Makes a demo recording until you finish or die

-recordfrom <0-5> <demo name>+ Records a demo from a saved game

-regdev Internal development, texture mapping

-respawn + Causes flemoids to warp back in non-Super Slimy modes

-shdev Internal development, texture mapping

-skill <skill level> + Starts on skill level (1-5)

-timedemo <name w/o .LMP> # Calculates the number of times the screen is

redrawn when playing a demo

-turbo <speed 1-255> Increases the speed of Chex Warrior

-warp 1 <level> Warps to level (1-5)

+: Does not require the "-DEVPARM" parameter.

+++: Must be used in conjunction with the "-WARP" parameter

#: For the "-playdemo" and "-timedemo" options, if you give an LMP file name

of "demo#" (i.e. "demo3"), then that internal demo will be played if the

external LMP file is not found. For example, to play the internal Chex Quest demo, type "chex -playdemo demo2".

Additionally, when using "-timedemo," the game will give you two

numbers after you quit to DOS, GAMETICS and REALTICS. To determine

the Chex Quest frame rate use the formula (GAMETICS/REALTICS) * 35.